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Jellyfish or jellies [1] are softbodied, free-swimming aquatic animals with a gelatinous umbrella -shaped bell and trailing tentacles. The bell can pulsate to acquire propulsion and locomotion . The tentacles may be utilized to capture prey or defend against predators by emitting toxins in a painful sting. Jellyfish species are classified in the subphylum Medusozoa which makes up a major part of the phylum Cnidaria , although not all Medusozoa species are considered to be jellyfish.

Jellyfish Training gives professionals the opportunity to learn from the experts. We offer digital training courses designed to help enhance your career prospects and business. Join us in our offices in The Shard, Reigate or Brighton or we can come to you.

At Jellyfish we aim to source and serve daily a school of 8 to 14 species of fish, to learn about and understand the textures and specific qualities of each species so we can then recommend the best way to cook and serve it.

The Jellyfish is a more difficult adaptation of the Kneeling Missionary . To get into the position, the giver kneels up slightly while the receiver sits into their lap facing them. The receiver wraps their legs around the giver; both wrap their arms around each other for support. This provides a good angle for penetration.